поворот Хонды

The HONDA steering knuckle is one of the important parts in the steering axle of the Хонда автомобиль, внедорожник, грузовик ит.д. which can make the car run stably and sensitively transmit the driving direction. In order to maintain the stability of the car's straight-line driving, the lightness of the steering and reduce the wear between the tires and the  parts, the steering wheel, the rear steering knuckle and the front axle must maintain a certain relative position with the frame. The separation between the front edges of the two wheels is littler than the separation between the back edges, and the distinction between them turns into the front Wheel toe. Along these lines, the front wheels can be near the front each moving way, which extraordinarily diminishes and disposes of the antagonistic outcomes brought about by the camber of the front wheels.