универсальный автомобильный штуцер

The fGeneral Motor Corporation передний левый is the pivot for turning the wheels, and is by and large fork-formed. The upper and lower forks have two coaxial gaps for introducing the boss, and the directing knuckle diary is utilized to introduce the wheel. The caster point and the tendency edge of the boss guarantee that the vehicle can drive in an orderly fashion. The camber edge α likewise has a situating impact. α is the point between the convergence of the level plane of the vehicle going through the focal point of the front haggle plane of the front haggle opposite to the ground. On the off chance that the front wheel is introduced precisely opposite to the street surface when the vehicle is unfilled, the hub will be inclined internal because of burden mishapening when it is completely stacked, which will quicken the halfway wear of the tire. Likewise, the vertical response power of the street surface on the front wheel is separated along the hub of the center point, which will make the center point press against the little bearing at the external end and increment the heap on the little bearing at the external end and the securing nut of the center point. The front wheel ought to be introduced ahead of time. There is a sure camber edge to keep the front wheels from inclining internal. Simultaneously, the camber of the front wheels can likewise be adjusted to the curved street surface. Be that as it may, the camber edge ought not be excessively huge, else it will cause incomplete wear of the tire.